AI dev bot for safe and quick degen plays.

About us

Whenever CZ, Elon Musk and Vitalik post a tweet, many new tokens with bullish keyword in their tweets are launched. All of them get traffic and many investors FOMO. Unfortunately, most of these launches are rug-pulls. AIDEV is an automated Telegram bot which analyzes tweets from CZ, Elon Musk and Vitalik. It extracts bullish keywords from them. Then, it generates a safe ERC20 smart contract and automatically deploys and launches it. AIDEV also locks the liquidity ASAP to protect investors. By holding AIDEV tokens, you have the privilege to be notified immediately, with the relevant information (contract, name and ticker) when an automated keyword launch happens, so that you can ape early.

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Contract Address: 0x3a2348dbb9250a43226a27e21edb94882bb7de8d
Network: ETHEREUM (ERC-20)
Total Supply: 4,000,000 AIDEV

Tax: 0% on buys, 0% on sells
Max Wallet/TX: 3% max wallet, 1.5% max TX

Liquidity Pool: 1.5 ETH
Team Tokens: 0, it is a stealth fair-launch!

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E-mail: info (at) aidev (dot) cc

Telegram: @aideverc

Twitter: @theaidevbot